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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

As a Professional Genealogist I have always found it interesting how most Genealogists find their own particular ‘niche’. This normally stems from a more personal interest or passion & can mean specialising in topics such as Irish or English Research, Maps, DNA Testing or even the dating of old photographs.

My own particular passion in Air Force Research came from researching my Great Uncle's service with the Royal Flying Corps during World War One, who as an Ace was awarded the D.F.C. This led me onto researching the Service of some of his younger brothers during World War Two. One of his brothers happened to serve with Bomber Command & would later transfer to the Pathfinders a more specialised unit of the Royal Air Force. Sadly as he would be shot down over Germany & would spend the rest of his time as a Prisoner of War.

As my passion for this subject increased my research skills progressed & would see me carry out work for many organisations, museums & private clients. I later joined 102 (Ceylon) Squadron as their Archivist & become part of the research team at the Aircrew Remembrance Society. I would also go on to write blog Articles in relation to Air Force Research & work on various projects of my own, which up to now were placed on my Treehouse Genealogy Website.

You can my previous Projects & Articles via these links:-

Note - if you check our Project Section of the Allied Air Force Research website you will be able to view alphabetical lists that link to the people covered in our research various projects

This specialised interest has meant additional courses, the ongoing hunt for out-of-print Aviation books & the building of lots of shelving to accommodate my ever expanding library

The Birth of a New Website

Through time I realised that there was scope for a new website dedicated to Air Force Research & the projects I regularly work on. A few weeks previous to setting up this website I set up The Allied Air Force Research Facebook Group & was joined by London Based Genealogist & Friend Sarah Minney who came on board as Moderator.

My Treehouse Genealogy website generates a lot of interest from those who have Scottish Ancestry & understandably many of my Subscribers do to. Proud of my own Scottish Roots I felt that I did not want to detract from this website by posting lots of information in relation to Air Force Research & Projects & so this new ‘Allied Air Force Research’ Website came to be!

What will be covered in this new Website?

Pretty much everything is the answer! It will cover all time periods, campaigns, services & trades.

ww1 aircraft & airman
Image via Unsplash

It is amazing to see how far our Air Forces have developed in over 100 years, we saw such a rapid increase in Aviation during World War 1 when the following Services joined the Allied War Effort

Armée de l'Air or French Air Force (AdlA or F.A.F.)

Royal Flying Corps (R.F.C.)

Royal Naval Air Service (R.N.A.S.)

Royal Air Force (R.A.F.)

United States Air Service (U.S.A.F.)

Australian Flying Corps (A.F.C.)

Italian Air Force (I.A.F.)

Composante Air or the Belgian Air Component - the Air Arm of the Belgian Army (B.A.C.)

Imperial Russian Air Service (I.R.A.S.)

Imperial Japanese Army Air Service (I.J.A.A.S/ or I.J.A.A.F.)

Women’s Royal Air Force (W.R.A.F.)

Lancaster Bomber, WW2
Image taken by Author

By World War 2, technology had developed even further & would see a new type of warfare to that of World War 1. Fighters & Coastal Command Aircraft would defend our own shores & Bombers would carry out aerial attacks across Europe & beyond.

The following Air Services would this time join the fight against Germany.

Free French Air Force (F.F.A.F)

Royal Air Force (R.A.F.)

Royal Canadian Air Force (R.C.A.F.)

Royal Australian Air Force (R.A.A.F)

Royal New Zealand Air Force (R.N.Z.A.F.)

South African Air Force (S.A.A.F.)

Polish Air Force (P.A.F.)

Royal Netherlands Air Force (R.N.A.F.)

Royal Norwegian Air Force (R.N.A.F.)

Royal Hellenic Air Force (R.H.A.F.)

United States Army Air Corps (U.S.A.A.F.)

Royal Indian Air Force (R.I.A.F.)

Fleet Air Arm (F.A.A.)

Air Transport Auxiliary (A.T.A.)

Auxiliary Air Transport (A.A.T)

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (W.A.A.F.)

Although most of my research has focused on Allied Air Forces this often requires some study into Luftwaffe Aces & claims detailed in the Nachtjagd Combat Archive.

Or perhaps like my Father your Relative served during the Cold War period?

I currently have too many projects on my list to work on, if only I had more days in my week to complete these! I am however working through these as time allows so do check back now & then to see what is new in our Projects section.

Red Arrows, Airshow
Image taken by Author

We are working at present to complete the ‘Useful Links’ section within our Resources pages & intend to provide as comprehensive a list of resources as we can. If you operate a website that you feel should be included in this please contact us as we would be happy to include your website if you would return the favour.

Keep checking our Resources section too as we intend to post guides that will assist your own research.


I make my living as a Qualified, Professional Genealogist. As time has progressed a lot of my client work is now taken up Deciphering Service Records, collating list of Operations carried out, hunting down POW records or Evader Statements & much more.

I remember the range of emotions I went through when I learned more about my own Relatives Air Force Stories, I now get to pass this onto my research clients so that they can get that bit closer to learning about their own relatives experiences & service.

Blog Articles

In the last month I was fortunate enough to visit & meet with Curators of several UK Aviation Museums, I will be posting details of my visits to these & will detail what they hold in forthcoming blog articles.

Aside from this we intend to post news in relation to Air Force Research, Book Reviews as we are lucky enough to work with a Publisher who produces a lot of Aviation books & Guest Articles by professionals or groups on their own projects or studies. If you are working on something & would like to appear then please get in touch.

Why not take the time to visit out Projects Section, or if you would like a FREE Research Consultation get in touch, we would be happy to assist you.


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