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Air Force Research

Learning more about your Relatives Air Force Service can at times feel like Complex Process!

With a wealth of Knowledge, Resources & Subscriptions at our fingertips we would love to assist you in Discovering more!

World War 1 Airmen

"Courage is doing what you are afraid to do.   There can be no Courage unless you are scared"

Eddie Rickenbacker, WW1 Fighter Ace 

Let us assist you with the following:-

  • Obtaining & Deciphering Service Records

  • Checking for Medal Citations or searching for WW1 Medal Cards

  • Applying for WW2 Unclaimed Medals

  • Locating details relating to an Aircraft Accident your relative was involved in

  • Finding out what Operations your Relative took part in & combining this with historical context

  • Ascertaining if there were any encounters with enemy aircraft & if a report relating to this exists

  • Locating information relating to Aircraft & Crew Losses

  • Checking to see if enemy records detailing an attack on your Relatives Aircraft exist

  • Provide Information relating to Luftwaffe Aces

  • If you relative was captured then information relating to their capture & stay in a Prisoner of War Camp will exist along with questionnaires completed after their release

  • Background on POW Camps

  • Many Airmen managed to Evade capture, let us help you find out more about their experience in doing so

  • If you relative was an Officer then they may appear on the Annual Air Force Lists

  • Those who signed up were encouraged to write a Will, if they died in Service let us help you locate this

  • Provide background information on Squadrons & Airbases

  • Locate & Copy records available at The National Archives in Kew

  • Locating images, maps or plans 

  • Help to find living relatives of those who died in service

  • If you are struggling to find out more about your Relatives life then we can assist you in locating more on their Birth, Marriage, Death, Parents details etc.

Contact us now for a FREE Consultation

"The Fighters are our Salvation, but the Bombers alone provide the means of Victory"

Winston Churchill

WW2 Bomber Command Crews

We aim to offer our clients a tailor made research package suited to their needs.   This may involved a complete study of a Relatives Service or perhaps just checking a few documents, this can be discussed during your Consultation.

We offer a FREE Consultation to ascertain that enough information is available to carry out a search on your behalf.  We will then send you a research proposal which will detail what will be checked, how long this might take & the costs involved.  Our current hourly rate is £25 per hour, with any costs for documents or printing being charge at cost. 

We regularly work in Partnership with a group of Professional Genealogists based near The National Archives in Kew.   This Mutual Partnership means that we are also able to offer a record checking & copying service.

We also collaborate with Kerstin Devine, a native German speaker & qualified English/German AITI translator. Kerstin can provide German document transcripts/ translations & interpreting services should this be required as part of your research.

World War WAAF Fixing Battle of Britain Pilot Flying Gear

"Never was so much owed by so many to so few"

Winston Churchill

Researching a Relatives Air Force Service can be such a worthwhile & rewarding process.  It is also a great way to pass on their story to the next generation.   Get in touch & start the process today! 

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