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Allied Air Force Research - Virtual Webinar Series

During 2023 we will be hosting a FREE Air Force themed Virtual Webinar Series.


Check out the speaker list below.   

Speakers will include Museum Curators, Authors, Project Co-Ordinators, Squadron Associations & much more.

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Note:-  the last reminder will come on the day of each event, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  Dont worry if you are unable to attend the live event as these will be recorded.

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Speaker Program 2023

Wednesday 25th January 2023 at 7pm

Ritchie Conaghan of The Girvan and District Great War Project ‘Remembering The Fallen of South Carrick’

Lorna and Ritchie Conaghan are a couple who have researched over 600 local men from the Girvan and South Carrick area who served during both World Wars for the last 10 years.


During his talk Ritchie, will share how they started they started the project, how it expanded, the areas they have researched, other projects they have worked on and what is to come.

During his presentation he will also detail some interesting individual stories that have been uncovered. He will also share with us Girvans involvement with Turnberry Airfield during both Wars.

Check out the Girvan and District Great War Project page on Facebook



Wednesday 22nd February 2023 at 7pm

Chris Goss – The challenges and enjoyment of being an Aviation Historian and Author

Wing Commander Chris Goss MA RAF Retired is an Aviation Historian, Author, Consultant & Charity Trustee.   After a 32 year career in the RAF and three years working for a civilian company as its Head of Operations is now a full time aviation author and military historian.

Regular, recognised and sought after contributor to major aviation and historical journals in the UK, France and Germany since 1983.   Author of over 50 critically acclaimed books covering aspects of the air war over North West Europe 1939-45.   He has also Edited, revised and co-authored a further four books.   His Books have been reprinted and translated/published in France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Canada and the USA.  

Historical consultant for a number of major projects, such as the recovery of the Dornier 17 by the RAF Museum and Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and for TV programmes such as The History Channel and Channel 5’s The Battle of Britain: 3 Days that Saved a Nation.

Master of Arts with Merit in War Studies (Kings College London). He also undertakes regular public speaking engagements.

He was born in South Wales in 1961 and is married to Sally and they have three daughters. He is also a senior county rugby union referee/assessor/mentor and National 2 Assistant Referee for the Rugby Football Union.


During his presentation Chris will share with us the Challenges & Enjoyment of being an aviation historian & Author.

Check out some of Chris' books here


Wednesday 29th March 2023 at 7pm


Dr Dan Ellin – Navigating the IBCC Archive  

Dr Dan Ellin is the Archivist for the International Bomber Command Centre Digital Archive. Since 2015, the IBCC Digital Archive has recorded over 1,200 oral histories with veterans and survivors of the bombing war and digitised over 2,000 individual collections of veterans’ letters, diaries, logbooks and photographs. Many of these collections tell stories previously unheard by anyone outside their families. 


In his talk, Dan explains how and why the IBCC Digital Archive was created and how it works. He highlights a few of the gems it includes, and shows how the archive can be searched to get the most from it.  Check out the IBCC Archive for yourself 


Wednesday 26th April 2023 at 7pm

 Dave Nelson – An Example of a USAAF Heavy Bomber Airfield in WWII Suffolk 

Dave Nelson has been researching B-17s, the 390th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, and their base at RAF Framlingham on and off since the 1980s. He renewed his interest after returning to college and attaining a degree in History. Since then, he has conducted extensive archival research on the operational and logistical aspects of the group. Tapping archival resources in both the US and the UK, and multiple secondary sources, Mr. Nelson accumulated the available records of the functioning of the organization and the young men who made it work.

He will be presenting the story of the base. A city in and of itself yet integral to its surroundings. Home to 3000 young men, some facing the jarring horrors of combat while others the routine slog of daily routine. How did they train, work, and live? What were their days like? How did it all work? An amalgamation of a cross-section of America’s youth, unfamiliar with their often very specialized tasks, managed to make it all function – from cutting-edge combat and aviation technology to utilities and meal services.

Mr. Nelson recently completed a diorama of RAF Framlingham which is on display at the Parham Airfield Museum in Suffolk. Built from extensive building and site plans coupled with photographs, it depicts the field as it was in June of 1944 in 1:2400 scale. This webinar will explore that field and the way it was.



Wednesday 31st May 2023 at 7pm


Andy Bird – Operation Black Buck 1982 The Vulcans'  extraordinary Falklands War raids


Andrew D. Bird is a historian and a writer. The author of several histories on RAF maritime operations including most recently Heroes of Coastal Command, he has also presented and researched for television programmes on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, NRK1, Forces News and Sky History Channel. Andrew served in the RAF Reserves whilst working as an accomplished graphic designer, and as an exhibition designer at RAF Museum London.  For more information check out Andrews Website or follow him on Twitter 


Andrews Talk will include:


The airfield at Port Stanley

Sea Harriers or Vulcans?

Final countdown to Black Buck 1

At Port Stanley airfield

Sea Harrier follow up

Black Buck 2

First anti-radar attempts

Shrike missiles

Black Buck 5; Black Buck 6

Unscheduled stopover

Black Buck 7

Air operations beyond the Falklands


You can pre-order Andrews Book here



Wednesday 28th June 2023 at 7pm

James Jefferies - Bomber Command’s Battle of Britain 


James completed his MA in History at Essex and his dissertation was entitled "Bomber Command in the Battle of Britain: How Britain revered and then reviled the few who flew bombers". He is fascinated by historical memory and public history and is a regular contributor to the History Indoors project. James has worked as a historical consultant for The Logistics of the Battle of Britain by Real Engineering and Junto Media. He has appeared on Smithsonian TV’s Air Warriors series as a guest historian. James has also appeared on Paul Woodadges WW2 TV as a guest historian talking about various aspects of aerial warfare and has spoken at various museums including the RAF Museum at Hendon, International Bomber Command Centre and Combined Military Services Museum in Maldon. He has contributed to the Journal of Twentieth Century British History and is a battlefield guide at Battle guide Virtual Tours. James has presented at numerous conferences including the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon, Aviation Cultures and the University of Pittsburgh. He is an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Essex, University of Wolverhampton, and North-eastern University London.



The memory of the Battle of Britain is usually one of a ‘Spitfire summer’. Of mass aerial dogfights over London and the Home Counties of England. Yet in 1940 the aircrew who flew Britain’s bombers were also touted as ‘the few’ by Prime Minister Winston Churchill. In 1943 a Roll of Honour was written that listed the aircrew lost in the Battle which included those in RAF Bomber and Costal Command and still resides in Westminster Abbey. Yet from 1945 onwards the Battle has predominantly been shown from the memory of the ‘fighter boys. Subsequent Rolls of Honour omit the aircrews from Bomber and Costal Commands. In this talk James Jefferies will examine what the RAF’s bomber crews did in the battle and ask whey the memory of the Battle was changed over the years. The wider story of RAF Bomber Command and the memory of its part in the Second World War will also be examined as well as the commemoration and remembrance of men and women in RAF Bomber Command.



Wednesday 26th July 2023 at 7pm


 Brian Fare - The Balloons Going up 

Brian Fare is a military veteran originating from Lancashire, settled in Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire following a career of 27 years in the Royal Air Force.   

His interest in military history stems from researching his own family history which he started as a hobby back in 1990 at RAF Marham.  During the COVID pandemic lockdown, Brian started his own website  producing blogs on local & military history subjects. 

In his spare time Brian volunteers for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as a public speaker and tour guide.  His other passion is volunteering for the War Memorials Trust photographing and recording the condition of war memorial visited on his travels. 

Now having over 30+ years’ experience in genealogy researching his own family tree and that of his wife and friends, the majority of his time now is spent researching military casualties buried in CWGC graves or listed on war memorials. 

Brian founded the Melton Mowbray Military History Group back in 2021 and since Jan 22 the group has held monthly meetings and hosted speakers about military subjects, the majority of which have a local connection to Melton Mowbray. 


Brians presentation ‘The Balloon’s Going Up’ looks at the life of 2nd Lt Elfric Ashby Twidale, the grandson of the long standing (of over 40 years) vicar of Meltons Baptist Church Reverend Joseph Twidale.   Elfrics father, Ashby, emigrated from Melton to Canada where he set up home, married and raised his family. Elfric joined the local Militia when he turned 18 and enlisted into the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force at the outbreak of WW1. He served with the No2 Eaton Machine Gun Battery before taking his Commission with the Royal Field Artillery. Shortly after being commissioned, he was promoted to Temporary Captain commanding a Trench Mortar Battalion. After this command, he was assigned to the Royal Flying Corps and became an Observer known as a ‘Balloonatic’. Whilst up in the air over the Arras battlefield in 1917, he was killed.

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