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The RAF Stories Website – Collecting & Sharing Stories about the RAF

One website that you might not be familiar with is the RAF Stories Website.  Launched by the RAF Museum in 2014 as part of the RAF’s Centenary Celebrations this is a digital project that collects & shares stories related to the RAF.

The site encourages anyone with a connection to the RAF to share either their own story or that of a relative. It features stories dating from World War 2 up to the present day.  Many of these stories cover stories of love, bravery, death, humour & much more.   In doing so others can learn more about their Service by reading these stories or by sharing them with friends or social media.

Within the stories section you can select what time period you wish to learn more about, what theme, technology or values you are interested in, you can select ranks, units, stations, the site then chooses suitable stories that it thinks you might like.  Note that you can also search by keyword.

RAF Crest - Public Domain (Wiki Commons)

I carried out a search for the 1960s, the time period my father served & entered the term Cyprus as he served there during the Cyprus Crisis.   This took me to a number of pages that feature short biographies of people’s service or memories of serving there as well as a short video recording of them telling their stories.  History books only tell us so much, I always feel that we can learn so much from the stories of people who actually took part as you get individual perspectives.

A quick look at the collections section on the site breaks things down into various categories including The Bearer Party formed by the RAF Regiment, Bomber Command 1939-1945, Falkland Stories & much more.  Each of these takes you into various story pages & an interactive map is available where you can link places to relevant stories too.

The site invites people to volunteer or become a partner when you can contribute your own research to the project.  They also have a number of social media pages where you can connect with them, note that a mobile app is also available.

Check out the RAF Stories website for yourself


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