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Never Mind the Dambusters: A New Podcast on Bomber Command

If you have a passion for Bomber Command, then this podcast is for you!

Hosted by historians and authors Jane Gulliford Lowes and James Jefferies, ‘Never Mind the Dambusters’ delves into all things Bomber Command during World War Two. This new fortnightly podcast promises to be a treasure trove for history enthusiasts.

You may remember James from our Webinar series last year, where he delivered an excellent presentation on "Bomber Command’s Battle of Britain" If you missed it, I highly recommend catching up with it now.

When we think of Bomber Command, our minds often jump to the iconic Avro Lancaster or Guy Gibson and the Dambuster Raids.  Jane and James, however, aim to look beyond these well-known aspects by exploring the raids, policies, strategies, and various aircraft that comprised Bomber Command.

These two hosts have a deep passion for the subject.  James, a PhD Candidate and Assistant Lecturer at Essex University, specialises in the War in the Air during WW2 and British Cultural Memory.  He also teaches at Wolverhampton University and is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He has published numerous journal articles and delivered a number of engaging presentations on the topic. His favourite aircraft is the Bristol Blenheim.

James Jefferies

Jane is an author and historian with a keen interest in WW2 and Bomber Command. She left her legal career to focus on writing and has special interests in minelaying operations, veteran testimony, and the Norwegian Campaign. She holds a Masters Degree in Second World War Studies.  Her favourite aircraft is the Handley Page Halifax. I have to say, Jane, I’m with you on that one! Sorry, James!

Jane Gulliford Lowes

Each episode features engaging conversations with historians, academics, aircraft enthusiasts, technicians, and veterans' family members. They discuss the strategic bombing campaign, the many aircraft involved, and the experiences of both veterans and civilians on the ground. The podcast also tackles some of the more challenging topics relating to Bomber Command.

Additionally, the podcast will cover discussions on books, films, and the different aircraft used by the force.

If you run an interesting project, have special knowledge on this subject, or have a compelling story to share, get in touch! Who knows, you might appear on one of their future episodes as a guest.

Tune in to "Never Mind the Dambusters" for a fascinating journey into the history of Bomber Command. 

You can also follow them and ask questions via X (twitter) at @RAFBomber_Pod and on Instagram at @NeverMindTheDambusters.


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