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Forces War Records transferred to Fold3

Sometime ago Ancestry announced that it had bought over Forces War Records & for sometime researchers were unsure what Ancestry might do with this new acquisition.

Force War Records is said to contain about 28 million records the majority of which had been transcribed from military records dating from the 1700s onwards.

I have been a subscriber of Forces War Records for many years & although it was mainly transcribed entries did find that for the minimal annual fee it was worth having. It did contain some gems such a downloadable publications & was useful if all you had was an Airmans first initial, surname & service number as often it would provide you with full details of Christian names.

Back in April Forces War Records picked up on the fact that I was already a subscriber of Ancestrys website Fold3 & returned the remainder of my years subscription.

Last year I completed an evaluation of all subscription websites to see what Air Force record sets were held where. On going back over this the records sets held by Forces War Records are also now on Fold3.

I had a look Forces War Records this week & found that I can still log into the site & view all records. In account details it told me my subscription would expire in 4 days, interesting as I had just renewed my Fold3 Subscription....It seems that Forces War Records is working from my Fold3 Subscription.

I do hear comments from other researchers that Fold3 is hard to search & confusing. One thing I would say is that yes it can be hard to search but it does contain some amazing gems such as detailed written histories of POW Camps.

At this stage it is hard to say what Ancestrys plans are for Forces War Records, they may shut it down once they have ensured that all records have been moved or they may have other plans for the site & will run it alongside Fold3.

I will update you when I know more.


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