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Allied Air Force Memorials & Monuments

Project Introduction Page

Adding a Memorials & Monuments project section to the website was a bit of a no brainer for me. 


As a Professional Genealogist it will be no surprise to learn that I spent a lot of time in Graveyards & Cemeteries, but on the Aviation side of things I also spend a lot of time visiting Museums, Airfields & locations where many who served in the Air Forces were based.  During these visits I always make a point of taking images of any Memorials so it made sense that I should share them somehow.

If you have memorial images of one you think we should be covering them please Contact Us to discuss contributing to the project.

The index for these is broken down into two sections as follows:-  one is by region & the other is an index listing out the names of the individual memorials. 


England - North


England - South


The Netherlands

Memorial Name/Location

102/405 Squadron, Pocklington


Note:- This work is subject to copyright, if you would like to reproduce any part please get in touch to discuss.  We would be more than happy to chat with you regarding this.

Any images contributed by others outwith AAFR will be detailed.

We are happy for anyone to share the link to this page/project via Social Media or webpages. 

We are happy to receive contributions to this section, please contact us to discuss.

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